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In this issue:


Targeting Middle-class in Emerging Markets: The Case of Brazil

By Ilke Kardes and Gabriel Vouga Chueke


What Types of Regulatory and Pricing Strategies Work When Customers are Likely to Become Competitors?

By Victor Glass and Timothy Tardiff 


How the Best Firms Balance Competing Forms of R&D-based Innovation

By Tim Swift


Leading Organizations through Supply Chain Disruptions: An Exploratory Study of Necessary Traits

By Iana Shaheen, Arash Azadegan, Lorenzo Lucianetti, and Lian Qi


The Good, Bad, and Ugly Side of Entrepreneurial Marketing: Is Your Social Media Campaign Unveiled, Incognito, or Exposed?

By Can Uslay


Why Luxury Brand Managers Should Pay Attention to Social Class: Not All Counterfeit Users Are Equal

By Nelson Borges Amaral and Barbara Loken


How Goldman Sachs Turned the Great Recession into Competitive Advantage Using Strategic Management

By Mine Doyran


Managing Research Out of the Dark? Exploring Implications and Applications of an Objective Model for the Evaluation of Research Practice and Quality

By Pär Mårtensson, Uno Fors, Udo Zander, and Gunnar H. Nilsson


How and Why Millennials are Shaking Up Organizational Cultures

By Rob Bogosian and Charlene Rousseau


Managing and Accounting for Multiple Stakeholders

By Ronald K. Mitchell


How Do Non-Technological Shocks Affect Interfirm Collaboration?

By Leonardo Corbo


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