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Dear Colleagues,


This year the Asia-Pacific Management Accounting Association (APMAA) holds its 13th Conference (APMAA 2017) with the theme “Management Accounting and Society: A Global Perspective” at Xuhui Campus of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), Shanghai, China The conference is organized by the Department of Accounting, Antai College of Economics and Management (ACEM) at Shanghai Jiao Tong University.


Asia-Pacific Management Accounting Association (http://apmaa.org/APMAA/) was founded in 2004 and, today, has grown to one of the world leading associations of scholars and specialists in the field of management accounting. The main goal of APMAA conference is to bring together researchers and practitioners to exchange theories, ideas, techniques and experiences relating to all aspects of management and business accounting. Annual conferences provide a very good opportunity for our members to interact face-to-face with experts from all over the world. This year’s conference received over 60 paper submissions from academics, doctoral students and accounting professionals whose countries and regions are such as China, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, Qatar, Malaysia, Poland, Thailand, USA, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, India, France,  Australia, UK, Lithuania and Canada.


The 2017 conference (http://www.apmaa2017.com/) comprise of three plenary sessions, a CEO/CFO session, a panel session, and 16 parallel sessions, 2 doctoral colloquium sessions, the 2017 Board of Directors Meeting, and a one-day company visit. Events on Day One (November 6) are the 2017 Board of Directors Meeting in the morning, 2017 Doctoral Colloquium in the afternoon and a Welcome Reception in the evening at a conference hotel. On Day Two, an opening ceremony, a plenary session, and a panel session are held in the morning, 8 parallel sessions in the afternoon, and Gala Dinner at a conference hotel in the evening. Prof. Dr. Mark Young (University of Southern California), Prof. Dr. Ranjani Krishnan (Michigan State University) and Dr. Kip Krumwiede (Director of research for IMA) are keynote speakers at the plenary session. Panelists at the panel session are Prof. Dr. Guliang Tang (University of International Business and Economics, China) and Prof. Dr. Masao Tsuji (Waseda University).


On Day Three, a plenary sessions and a CEO/CFO session are held in the morning, and 8 parallel sessions are held in the afternoon. Prof. Dr. Rajiv Banker (Temple University) and Prof. Dr. James Ohlson (Hong Kong Polytechnic University) are keynote speakers at the plenary session. Invited panelists for the CEO/CFO session are Mr. Jianhua Wan (President of Association of Shanghai Internet Financial Industry), Mr. Can Wang (Senior Vice President and the Chief Financial Officer of Fosun) and Mr. George Gross (CFO of Shanghai Disney Resort). On Day Four, we hold a company visit to the General Motors, a robot manufacturing company, and the Coca-Cola.  All the companies are in Pudong, Shanghai. We are sure you will find the tour to be satisfying and rewarding.


There is no doubt that the 13th annual conference will be one of the most fantastic and impressive meetings in APMAA’s history. For the conference registration, visit http://www.apmaa2017.com/contact. We are sure  you will enjoy this conference and find the 2017 Program exciting.


Best regards,

Hu Yiming ([log in to unmask]), Chair  of APMAA 2017, and President of Asia Pacific Management Accounting Association

Susumu Ueno ([log in to unmask]), Chair of Board of Directors, Asia Pacific Management Accounting Association



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