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We wanted to share with you today the experiences of our past Food Sovereignty Tour member, Carrington Morris, on her latest trip to Cuba.

The average Cuban lost 12 pounds during what Fidel Castro referred to as the “Special Period,” a span of deprivation that went well into the 1990s. For survival, the state government made an emergency shift to organic agriculture practices while the people turned to guerilla gardening—which soon became state sponsored—transforming abandoned urban lots into farms and gardens in order to supplement their meager food rations”.

Today, having withstood the crisis, Cuba stands as a rare living model of a radically transformed agriculture. As such, it captures the attention of agroecologists and other forward-thinking people concerned about food for how the conversion can be done globally in the face of peak oil and climate change”.

Carrington Morris embarked on a Food First’s Food Sovereignty Tours that takes you to international destination to explore local food systems and their fight for food Sovereignty. Learn more about Carrington's’ trip at

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