We’re still accepting applications for 3 positions to start December 1st! Please share with your networks.

Now Hiring Three Individuals! 
The Power of We Consortium AmeriCorps State Program is looking to hire three individuals passionate about healthy lifestyles

AmeriCorps State members serve Ingham County residents through direct service with programming and resource sharing. Members will serve populations experiencing food insecurity and disproportionately high rates of obesity and related chronic disease through the following activities:
Adult & Youth Nutrition Education

Members create, organize and facilitate nutrition education workshops on topics such as what's a vitamin, how to read a nutrition label, grocery shopping on a budget, cooking demos, and physical fitness classes. 

Food Distributions & Free Meal Programs

Members organize and facilitate local food distributions, food pantries and free meal programs to utilize gleaned food to alleviate hunger in low-opportunity neighborhoods. 

Gardening Education 

Members coordinate and manage gardening 101 classes on topics such as composting, organic pest management, parts of a plant, how to harvest and preserve food to encourage year round healthy eating habits.  

Food Access Referrals

Members provide residents with referrals to other food benefits or programs in Ingham County. 

Volunteer Management

Members recruit, train, and retain volunteers to assist in their programming. 

Community Garden Management
Members provide guide-by-the-side gardening expertise and free resources through the management of community garden plots.

Members serve December 1, 2017 - November 26, 2018

The Power of We Consortium AmeriCorps State Program is now hiring three individuals for our December start date! Full time members will serveDecember 1, 2017 - November 26, 2018, receive a living stipend of$12,630, health coverage, loan forbearance for eligible loans, childcare (if eligible) and an education award of $5,815. If you're interested in learning about local food systems, gaining professional experience while growing personally, APPLY by October 13th at 5pm. 
To apply send your cover letter & resume to AmeriCorps State Program Director, Andrea Villanueva at[log in to unmask]
To learn more about the Power of We Consortium AmeriCorps State Program and review open positions, click the link below.

Questions about the program can be sent to Andrea Villanueva, Program Director, at [log in to unmask] or at 517-887-4558.

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Power of We Consortium, C/o Ingham County Health Dept, 5303 S Cedar St,PO Box 30161, Lansing, MI 48909-7661

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Andrea Villanueva
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AmeriCorps State Program Director
The Power of We Consortium
Ingham County Human Services Building
5303 S. Cedar St., Suite 2400
Lansing, MI 48909
Office: 517.887.4558  |  Cell: 517-582-4755
Fax: 517.887.4310
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