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Matevz Raskovic

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Is your school failing to address a rising China? We just made it easier for you to put that right!


According to the IMF, when measured in real terms, China became the world’s largest economy in 2014. In the three years since then the Chinese economy has grown by at least 4 percentage points per year faster than the US, which makes it around 15% larger already.

Is your business school preparing its students to meet the challenges and opportunities this raises, or are they graduating in ignorance of the most important business phenomenon of the 21st century?

Our experience is that business schools would often like to prepare their students, but there has been no comprehensive textbook cutting across the disciplines to address the “key issues” which define the China business phenomenon. How fast is China “really” growing? Is Cheap China a thing of the past? Can China innovate? How does culture affect Chinese business and management behaviour? What is happening in the financial sector? What about corruption? How real is the proverbial China threat to Western firms? Will it all end up in tears?

Building on a subject developed and taught in Hong Kong for many years, Howard A. Davies (Hong Kong Polytechnic University) and Matevz Raskovic (University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Economics) have produced a textbook designed to fill this gap and help business schools to prepare their students to think correctly about China and ask the right kind of questions. This book does not provide any simple solutions, or a few steps to “make it big in China”. It highlights the key issues in a holistic and interdisciplinary way.

There is a set of accompanying PPTs for each topic, and a generic teaching plan including lecture and Workshop activities, in-course assessments, exam questions and rubrics.


H. Davies and M. Raskovic. (2017). Understanding a Changing China. Routledge. More info available at:


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