Pricing & Revenue Management in a Global and Multi-cultural Environment

Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management

In 2018, a special issue on “Pricing and Revenue Management in a Global and Multi-cultural Environment” will be guest edited by Dr. Stephan Liozu and Dr Hinterhuber. We invite the scientific and practicing community to submit abstracts by 1st September 2017 in order to be considered for publication.

Pricing is often consider a complex and challenging discipline due to the need for collaboration between teams, the need for alignment between strategies and tactics, and the requirements for change management. Often though, this level of complexity increases when strategies and tactics are designed and deployed at the global level where professionals from multiple cultures and countries are involved. Pricing and revenue management teams have to handle the difficulties related to languages, cultures, distances, norms, and hybrid organizational design. This is a complaint that is often heard at pricing and revenue management conferences. Strategies are designed at the central or global levels but often fail at the execution phase due to cultural and psychological dimensions. This is the heart of this special issue.
This special issue aims at putting global and multi-cultural dimensions in the spotlight so that they can better understood, adopted, and assimilated in organizations. We welcome academic papers (qualitative, quantitative, mixed methods), practitioner’s papers, case studies, and other relevant contribution to produce a ground breaking special issue dedicated to pricing and revenue management in global and multi-cultural environment. Because we focus on advances and developments, we will select papers based on the robustness of the survey methods, the contribution to the special issue mission, and the novelty and innovativeness of the findings.
Recommended topic areas to consider for inclusion in this special issue include, but are not limited to, the following:
  1. The impact of pricing and revenue management programs in a global context.
  1. Managing cultures in pricing and revenue management strategies and tactics.
  2. Designing and deployment value-based pricing in a global enterprise.
  3. Designing and managing global pricing and revenue management strategies
  4. The influence of local and regional cultures on the psychology of pricing.
  5. Best practices in developing pricing and revenue management competences and skills in a global context.
  6. Influences of language barriers and cultural norms in the deployment of pricing and revenue management programs.
  7. Designing best in class pricing and revenue management organizations in a global context.
  8. Globalization and regionalization influences on pricing strategies and tactics.
  9. The challenges of executing global pricing and revenue management strategies at the local levels (glocal approach).
All submitted academic papers and empirical contributions need to be framed within the context of pricing and revenue management in general. We do not wish to publish narrow papers that are only focused on one activity within the pricing methodology. Because this special issue is also aimed at a practitioner’s audience, we wish to contextualize all papers within the wide pricing and revenue management practices.

Advice about the suitability of papers and other enquiries can be sent to:
Stephan M. Liozu, Ph.D.                                                        Andreas Hinterhuber, Ph.D.
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