Strategies in the Global Digital Economy

Call for papers for a Special Issue of Global Strategy Journal Deadline for
submissions: April 15-30, 2018

Special Issue Editors:

Erkko Autio, Imperial College Business School
Ram Mudambi, Fox School of Business, Temple University
Youngjin Yoo, Weatherhead School of Business, Case Western Reserve

Digitalization is transforming how firms organize for value creation and
delivery (Tilson, Lyytinen, & Sorensen, 2010; Yoo, Boland Jr, Lyytinen, &
Majchrzak, 2012). Underpinning this transformation is the constantly
increasing sophistication and ubiquitous availability of digital
infrastructures, which enable ever more sophisticated interactions between
transacting parties regardless of geographic location. As services and
interactions are increasingly digitalized and modularized (McDermott,
Mudambi & Parente, 2013), and as digitalization increasingly permeates even
physical products, enabling the connectivity of these to digital platforms,
new business models are enabled that have the potential to scale globally –
and to disrupt established incumbents. The car sharing company Uber and the
home sharing firm Airbnb are just two well-known examples of the resulting
globally disruptive business models that have transformed previously highly
local service sectors.

This special issue seeks to address both theoretical and empirical
implications of digitalization for global strategies and

For further details, please see the attachment.
Ram Mudambi
Frank M. Speakman Professor of Strategy
Fox School of Business, Temple University
Philadelphia *PA 19122*, USA

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