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Call for Papers for a Conference and

Special Issue on:


The Challenges of Managing and Modelling Innovation

and Growth in China

4-5 November 2017


Selected conference papers will be published in a special issue of Economic Modelling and Journal of Chinese Economics and Business Studies


Full Paper submission date: 1th October 2017

If you need to apply for a visa to travel to China, please submit your paper by 20th September 2017 or as soon as possible.


Conference venue: 4-5 November 2017, Renmin University of China (central Beijing)


Conference website:




Co-organized by Renmin University of China

&Queen Mary University of London




It has long been argued that China’s unprecedented economic growth has been driven by a high level of state investment in science and technology. However, China is now facing the problem of slower growth that other emerging low-income countries have encountered in the past. China’s national development policies together with recent research have highlighted innovation as the key engine for the country to achieve sustainable economic growth. Innovation enables countries to move up the economic value chain to escape the ‘middle income trap’, where they are unable to compete successfully in either low cost or high valued added markets.


Considerable research efforts have been devoted to understanding and analyzing the impact of innovation on firm performance and regional economic and industrial growth in countries such as China.  At the regional and industrial levels, a large strand of literature has examined internal growth factors such as R&D spending, human capital and exports. External growth factors considered include national industrial structure, national and regional innovation systems, industrial clusters, high tech zones, the “triple helix” model of university-industry-government relationships, and foreign direct investment. At the firm level, previous literature has also explored the impact of innovation on firm performance evidenced by sales growth, productivity and profitability. Despite significant previous research efforts, the results of many empirical studies are still inconclusive. There is a growing interest not only from academia but also from policymaking communities in trying to understand how internal and external innovation growth factors interact with each other, forming a mechanism or a system that can foster innovation. This conference aims to offer timely theoretical, empirical and methodological contributions on innovation and growth, drawing from regional, industrial and firm level evidence in China.  Submitted articles will take into account the specificities of the Chinese context. It will provide much needed knowledge and facilitate the development of research agendas and policy analysis.


The goal of this conference is thus to encourage research that can contribute to the literature on innovation and growth in China and particularly with a view on how innovation can be modelled at regional, industrial and firm levels.  For this conference we welcome theoretical, empirical and methodological contributions that can broadly enhance our understanding of innovation and growth, drawing from the Chinese context. It is essential that papers consider what is unique and ‘Chinese’ about innovation. We also welcome papers in the broader area of innovation in the Chinese context or that facilitate the development of agendas for further research and policy analysis in China. Such topics may include, but are not limited to:



Selected papers presented at the conference will be invited for submission to Economic Modelling and Journal of Chinese Economics and Business Studies. These papers will have the review process expedited in collaboration. with the conference organisers, but the process will follow the journal review guidelines.

Conference paper submission link


Conference organizers

Co-Chairs: Lutao Ning, Reader in International Business, Queen Mary, University of London, UK

Co-Chairs: Jie Zhang, Professor of Economics, School of Economics, Renmin University of China, China

Xiaolan Fu, Professor of Technology Management and Development, Oxford University

Sushanta Mallick, Professor of International Economics & Finance, Queen Mary, University of London, UK

Dylan Sutherland, Associate Professor in Management, Durham University, UK

Antony Howell, Assistant Professor, School of Economics, Peking University, China

Wenping Zheng, Assistant Professor, School of International Trade and Economics, University of International Business and Economics, China

Supporting Conference  


To support this special issue, we will organise a conference to take place at Renmin University of China, Beijing from 4 to 5 November, 2017. Shortlisted papers will be invited to participate in the conference. Although attendance is not mandatory, it will provide an opportunity for further feedback and paper development (


Submission format

Manuscripts should be prepared according to the journal guidelines and will be subject to double-blind peer review.

Conference submission system:


Important dates

Conference paper submission deadline:  01 Oct 2017

If you need to apply for a visa to travel to China, please submit your paper by 20th September 2017 or as soon as possible.

Conference date: 4-5 Nov 2017

Special issue for Economic Modelling 

Likely publication date: August 2018


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