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In this issue:


Global Leadership in an Era of Growing Nationalism, Protectionism, and Anti-Globalization

By Farok J. Contractor


A Push or a Nudge: Understanding Consumer Perceptions of Sales Pressure

By Diana L. Haytko, Ronald A. Clark, and James J. Zboja


Does Investing in the Long Term Pay Off for Firms?

By David Souder, Philip Bromiley, Scott Mitchell, and Greg Reilly


Temporary Organizing – The End of Organizations as We Know Them?

By Jörg Sydow


Measuring Cultural Intelligence: Implications and Opportunities

By David C. Thomas


Inspirational Appeals Are More Effective: The Influence of Strength Emotions on Persuasion and Donation

By Jianping Liang, Zengxiang Chen, and Jing Lei


Maximizing Value in Board Decisions: The Role of the Decision Quality Officer

By Andrea C. Marino and Wayne Nordness Eastman


Learning and Specialization in Strategic Alliances

By Korcan Kavusan, Niels G. Noorderhaven, and Geert Duysters


How the Quality of Macro-Institutions and Corporate Governance Influence International Profit Shifting?

By Anish Sugathan and Rejie George


Taking Advantage of R&D Offshoring beyond Innovation

By Alicia Rodríguez and María Jesús Nieto


Why was the FCC’s Privacy Order Dead on Arrival? A New Approach to Evaluating Privacy Regulation

By Victor Glass




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