The Summer 2017 issue of Rutgers Business Review is now available at<>.

In this issue:

Global Leadership in an Era of Growing Nationalism, Protectionism, and Anti-Globalization<>

​By Farok J. Contractor

A Push or a Nudge: Understanding Consumer Perceptions of Sales Pressure<>

By Diana L. Haytko, Ronald A. Clark, and James J. Zboja

Does Investing in the Long Term Pay Off for Firms?<>

​By David Souder, Philip Bromiley, Scott Mitchell, and Greg Reilly

Temporary Organizing – The End of Organizations as We Know Them?<>

By Jörg Sydow

Measuring Cultural Intelligence: Implications and Opportunities<>

By David C. Thomas

Inspirational Appeals Are More Effective: The Influence of Strength Emotions on Persuasion and Donation<>

​By Jianping Liang, Zengxiang Chen, and Jing Lei

Maximizing Value in Board Decisions: The Role of the Decision Quality Officer<>

​By Andrea C. Marino and Wayne Nordness Eastman

Learning and Specialization in Strategic Alliances<>

​By Korcan Kavusan, Niels G. Noorderhaven, and Geert Duysters

How the Quality of Macro-Institutions and Corporate Governance Influence International Profit Shifting?<>

By Anish Sugathan and Rejie George

Taking Advantage of R&D Offshoring beyond Innovation<>

By Alicia Rodríguez and María Jesús Nieto

Why was the FCC’s Privacy Order Dead on Arrival? A New Approach to Evaluating Privacy Regulation<>

By Victor Glass

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