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Outward FDI from Emerging Countries by EMNEs have attracted lot of
researchers worldwide..

A most recent review co-authored by AIB Fellow Prof Gabriel Benito,
analyzing 150 articles using ADO framework with Directions for future
research has been just published and now freely downloadable.

Paul, J & Gabriel R. G. Benito (2017): A review of research on outward
foreign direct investment from emerging countries,: Asia Pacific Business
Review, DOI: 10.1080/13602381.2017.1357316

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Visiting Professor, Deakin University-Australia;
Professor, Graduate school of Business,
University of PR, San Juan, PR, USA
Senior Editor- International Journal of Emerging Markets
Incoming Sr Editor- European J of international management
Guest Editor (2017)-  1. Small Business Economics (SBE),
                       2. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services,
                       3. The International Trade Journal (ITJ)
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Author: Export-Import Management, Oxford Uty Press.
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