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Charles Zalman Levkoe
Aug 15, 2017 9:39 AM  |  attachment  view attached
Charles Zalman Levkoe
We are excited to share a new report:  Ecological Farm Internships: Models, Experiences and Justice.

The report is from a workshop we held last fall in Toronto. While there are some critical challenges for the future of food and agricultural movements in Canada, the report provides a thoughtful and grounded discussion of ecological farm internships and related issues from farmers, interns, non-profits and lawyers. We hope it fosters critical conversations that can take the ecological farming sector forward.

Please share the report through your networks and encourage folks to send us feedback and continue the conversation.

The report is attached and also available on our website (along with a feedback form and our contact information):

If people have inquires about the report, please send them to me ([log in to unmask]), Mike Ekers ([log in to unmask]) or [log in to unmask].


Charles Levkoe

Charles Levkoe
Lakehead University
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