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Both of our Dean positions (the two Deans form the top management team of our university, along with the President and University Director) are currently being advertised. The link is here: and an excerpt follows below. This is a really interesting challenge for international candidates with management ambitions.

Responsibilities of the Dean of Research
The Dean of Research has the strategic and organisational responsibility for CBS' research and academic staff and shall focus on the following areas:

* Maintain the strategic development of the research area, including further development of the cooperation with public and private organisations across CBS' 14 academic departments
* Ensure significant growth in the quality and quantity of CBS' research output
* Overall responsibility for the recruitment and development of academic staff in cooperation with departments and the  Executive Senior Management team
* Maintain coherence between research and education in cooperation with the Dean of Education
* Ensure a robust and integral strategy for significant growth of CBS' external research funding
* Exercise responsibility for the development of CBS' World Class Research Environments
* Ensure coherence between CBS' Business in Society Platforms and CBS research
* Develop the quality for CBS' PhD Education
* Management/leadership of the Head of Departments, Research Office and the PhD School leaders
* Contribute to a collaborative environment among members of CBS Executive Senior Management team

Responsibilities of the Dean of Education
The Dean of Education has the overall responsibility for all teaching programmes: bachelor of science, master of science, MBA and Graduate Diploma programmes, in close cooperation with the programme directors.

The Dean of Education shall focus in the following areas:

* The composition, quality and relevance of the educational programme portfolio, including development of programmes, quality assurance and dialogue with external stakeholders
* Financial responsibility for CBS' educational programme portfolio including allocation of resources to individual programmes based on principles of incentives, transparency, and fairness
* Development of CBS' policies for relevance and quality of the programmes
* Maintain coherence between research and education in cooperation with the Dean of Research
* Responsible for CBS' national and international educational programme accreditations and -rankings
* Management/leadership of the Study Administration and Programme Administration
* Organization of advisory boards for each of the educational programmes
* Development of CBS' strategy for ICT based learning, including e-learning and pedagogics
* Management/leadership of Study Boards, Study Directors and CBS'  Vice Deans of Education
* Contribute to a collaborative environment among members of CBS Executive Senior Management team

Qualifications: Common to both positions, special emphasis will be given to the following qualifications:
* A track record of management/leadership experience from higher education
* An international network among business school leaders and managers
* Experience with and understanding of a university's interaction between higher education, management and the larger society
* Personal integrity and ability to handle and develop a complex organization
* A strong ability to lead, cooperate and communicate with staff at all levels, other universities, and public and private organisations and companies
* Ability to inspire and motivate staff, colleagues and partners for teamwork and collaboration
* Experience with diversity management and conflict resolution
* Ability to produce  tangible and relevant results
* Committed to developing a good work environment with a productive work/life balance and embrace workplace diversity
* Willingness to accept feedback and willingness to learn
* Fluent in English and openness to learning Danish
* Be a recognized researcher within one or more of CBS' fields of research at least at the level of associate professor

Qualifications: Especially for the position as Dean of Research
* A strong record of research leadership (creation, management and development of significant research projects and environments)
* A record of external research funding, including EU funds
* A strong record of published research and research-related outputs
* Experience with creation, management and development of research projects and environments
* Ability to disseminate research findings in an active and engaging fashion

Qualifications: Especially for the position as Dean of Education
* A strong track record as a lecturer
* Knowledge of pedagogical methods
* Knowledge and understanding of ICT supported and blended learning
* A track record of and desire to communicate with students and alumni
* Solid knowledge of international standards for business education

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