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EIBA Milan, December 14, 2017 8:30-12:30


International business policy is at a risky crossroads. It is widely documented that the prosperity and growth of countries, regions and cities depend on their openness to trade and invest­ment, but new global challenges require academics and policymakers to reassess the long-standing policy goals and approaches in these areas.

A first global challenge is the apparent antitrade sentiment that has emerged on both sides of the Atlantic. Many citizens believe globalization is not working for them, and have channeled their frustration against high-profile trade deals. Last summer, Britain surprised the world by voting in favor of exiting the European Union. This year, U.S. President Trump seems set on fundamentally changing U.S. trade policy — putting “America first” while withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Without question, the ripple effects of these retreats from a rules-based trading system will bring considerable risk for the rest of the world.

A second global challenge is brought by the digital economy, and the emergence of new products, services and technologies which are changing the way that companies do business internationally. Improvements in communication technology make it easier for firms to slice up value chains and disperse activities across countries, leading to the rise of global value chains. Developments in automation are pushing companies to rethink the location of their production activities. These trends are forcing academics and policymakers to rethink how to attract and retain high value-added activities in their respective locations.


In this first JIBP paper development workshop (PDW), we aim to bring together IB researchers that study how these new global realities affect the design and implementation of effective international business policies in any of the following five policy areas:

·         International business promotion

·         Foreign business attraction

·         Industrial policy

·         Social and development policy

·         Transnational governance

Papers may focus on identifying issues or dilemmas that are relevant for a policy area. For example, an empirical study comparing the labor standards of MNE affiliates and local firms could generate insights that are pertinent for the framing of an emerging country’s foreign business attraction and/or social and development policy. Alternatively, papers may focus on measuring the effectiveness and impact of a specific IB policy for business and the wider economy. For example, an empirical study examining the effectiveness of trade adjustment assistance could help determine the policy’s usefulness for countering traderelated worker displacement.


The purpose of the PDW, to be held at the EIBA conference in Milan, is to provide scholars with developmental feedback on their current research projects. While we hope that many of these papers will eventually be submitted to JIBP, the purpose of the PDW is broader, namely to improve the quality of IB research and bring new scholars into the IB policy field. We invite original papers particularly from junior scholars and scholars who are located in universities in emerging and developing economies.


The PDW will be structured to provide developmental feedback to the authors whose research papers have been accepted by the workshop organizers. The program has two components. First, a 60-minute introductory session (8:30am – 9:30am) led by members of the JIBP editorial team will discuss the manuscript review process, and various topics relevant to authors seeking to publish in JIBP or other outlets in the ecosystem of international business journals. Second, during a 120-minute main session (10:00am – 12:00pm), groups of two authors (with substantively related papers) will be paired with two JIBP Editors/ERB members, whereby each individual paper will receive attention from each paired Editor/ERB member for two times thirty minutes.


Only a limited number of manuscripts will be accepted for the PDW. Participants will be invited based on the quality and potential intellectual contribution of their submitted work. Papers should be submitted through the JIBP Workshop Submission System located at Please note that each applicant should submit only one paper. The deadline for submissions is September 1, 2017, in the authors’ time zone. Submitted papers must be less than 10,000 words in length, and follow the JIBP Style Guide. The Style Guide as well as more information on the goals and editorial policies of JIBP is available at


Please note that authors need to be current members of the AIB and registered for the EIBA conference in order to participate in the JIBP PDW. Also please note that other pre-conference events run in parallel with the JIBP PDW.


Please address any questions to: Ari Van Assche ([log in to unmask]), JIBP Deputy Editor and PDW Coordinator.


Sarianna Lundan


Journal of International Business Policy


Ari Van Assche

Deputy Editor and PDW Coordinator

Journal of International Business Policy




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