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Additional Information:
The Global Research Society, LLC based at the Indiana, USA address below is
devoted to the development of paid research activities performed by
academics and practitioners from around the world on a project-by-project
basis. The primary focus of this society is on *international business
activities* within the context of contemporary globalization. Other
connected areas include education, environmental standards, management, and
foreign policy.

Examples of projects can include the following:

* Developing a feasibility study for corporate clients wishing to expand
operations abroad
* Examining national (domestic) policies and their potential or current
effect on international business development in-country or abroad
* Creating a plan for a national or local government to develop new or
enhance current business and political relationships conducive to the
promotion of international business activities
* Revising educational, legal, or export/import regulations to aid in the
development of international business
* Enhancing current human resource management practices to improve the
quality of candidates targeted for international assignments

All project participants are hired on an independent contractor basis due
to the nature of the work and its arrangement involved. Interested parties
should send their CVs or resumes to the attention of Bryan Christiansen at
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Bryan Christiansen
Chairman & President
7440 Waterfront Drive, Suite 312
Indianapolis, Indiana  46214   USA
*Tel: (317) 258-4957 <%28317%29%20258-4957>*

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