Hong Liu (2017), Chinese Business: Landscapes and Strategies, Routledge.

It is difficult to overstate the importance of China to the world economy, and yet the majority of books either look at Chinese business by applying Western frameworks or models to the context of China or focus on a particular aspect of business in China.

This new completely revised edition of Chinese Business offers its readers a comprehensive and systematic body of knowledge of Chinese business. It has taken a holistic perspective, intending to achieve a balance between the academic and practical, between theory and practice and between traditional and internet-based industry. The framework of this book subsumes all the major factors that should be taken into consideration when Western companies contemplate a China strategy, including history, philosophy, ancient military classics, strategy and marketing, innovation, internet business and human resources. The discussion of these factors is supplemented with insightful case studies.

Chinese Business, 2nd Edition can be used as a textbook for undergraduates and postgraduates at business schools and as a useful reference for researchers, senior executives, consultants and government officials who are involved in Chinese business.

Content: 1. Nature of Chinese Business; 2. History Matters in Chinese Business; 3. Chinese Philosophical Systems and Business Implications; 4. Ancient Military Classics and Business Implications; 5. Strategy and Marketing in China; 6. Chinese Innovation; 7. Chinese Internet-based Business; 8. The War for Talent

Hong Liu, PhD
Founding Director, China Business Centre
Manchester Business School
Author of The Chinese Strategic Mind

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