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*Call for Papers: **Echoes of an Era - A Century of Organisational Studies*

*Managing Editor:*
Wenzel Matiaske, Helmut-Schmidt-University Hamburg (Germany)

Hundred years ago, Henri Fayols “Administration Industrielle et Générale”,
a milestone in the history of organisational thought, was published. This
centenary motivates the editors of the Management Revue to launch a stream
on the history of organisational studies. In the forthcoming volumes, and
rather on an infrequent basis, we would like to publish contributions which
not only introduce the reader to one or several, interrelated seminal works
of organisational theory, but also provide accompanying commentaries and an
analysis of their history of effects.

The reason for this format is, given our discipline’s forgetfulness of
history, to provide orientation, which not only serves teaching and young
management scholars. While reference to classic thought contributes to
scientific advancement in other fields of the social sciences, in our field
some research issues are being addressed repeatedly – without putting the
associated arguments and findings in an adequate historical context. In
this respect, addressing the history of thought should be understood as a
contribution to the advancement of management research.

We would like to avoid a strict delimitation of the era being addressed.
Contributions on contemporaries of Fayol like Frederik Winston Taylor,
Frank B. and Lillian Gilbreth or Henry L. Gantt und Karol Adamiecki are as
welcome as contributions are on Fayol’s predecessors or successors. By no
means we are exclusively committed to the “engineers of the organisation”;
economists, legal scholars and particularly the labour science community
and psychologists should also be given due attention. A temporal upper
boundary shall nevertheless be the 1970s, when, most notably induced by
Alfred D. Chandler, strategic management and the reflection on it started
to thrive.

This stream will be open to submissions until the end of 2017 in the first
place. It will be maintained and edited by Wenzel Matiaske
(Helmut-Schmidt-University Hamburg, Germany). Submissions shall accord with
the formatting guidelines <> of
the management revue. Please submit your manuscripts electronically
via our online
submission system <>
using “Stream Echoes of an Era” as article section.

*Looking forward to your contribution!*
Wenzel Matiaske <[log in to unmask]>

Med venlig hilsen/Kind regards
*Simon Fietze*
Adjunkt/Assistant Professor

T +45 6550 1748
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Syddansk Universitet/University of Southern Denmark
Institut for Entreprenørskab og Relationsledelse/Department of
Entrepreneurship and Relationship Management
Alsion 2, A2
6400 Sønderborg

*Latest publications:*

   - Fietze, S., & Boyd, B. (2017). Entrepreneurial intention of Danish
   students: A correspondence analysis. *International Journal of
   Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research*, 23(4). DOI:
   10.1108/IJEBR-08-2016-0241 <>
   - Fietze, S., & Matiaske, W. (Eds.) (2016). *Dimensions and Perspectives
   on Financial Participation in Europe.* Baden-Baden: Nomos
   Verlagsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG. DOI: 10.5771/9783845259413-1
   - Fietze, S., Matiaske, W., & Tobsch, V. (2016). Financial participation
   in Germany: Management's and works councils' view. In S. Fietze, & W.
   Matiaske (Eds.), *Dimensions and Perspectives on Financial Participation
   in Europe* (pp. 145-176). Baden-Baden: Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft mbH &
   Co. KG. DOI: 10.5771/9783845259413-144
   - Ortlieb, R., Matiaske, W., & Fietze, S. (2016). Employee share
   ownership in Germany: A cluster analysis of firms' aims. *Management
   Revue*, 27(4), 285-303. DOI: 10.1688/mrev-2016-Ortlieb

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