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Volume 23, Issue 2, Pages 111-226, June 2017 
	Journal of International Management 

Volume 23, Issue 2, Pages 111-226, June 2017 

*Management of Human Resources in MNCs from the BRICS Countries (Brazil, 
Russia, India, China, South Africa): Emerging Patterns, Challenges and 
Research Agenda*
Edited by Pawan Budhwar, Rosalie L. Tung, Arup Varma and Hoa Do

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/Page IFC/

Developments in Human Resource Management in MNCs from BRICS Nations: A 
Review and Future Research Agenda 
Original Research Article
/Pages 111-123/
Pawan Budhwar, Rosalie L. Tung, Arup Varma, Hoa Do

Chinese expatriate management in emerging markets: A competitive 
advantage perspective 
Original Research Article
/Pages 124-138/
Huaichuan Rui, Miao Zhang, Alan Shipman

Opportunity and opportunism: The expatriation practices of Indian 
information technology multinational corporations 
Original Research Article
/Pages 139-150/
Dhara Shah, Bob Russell, Adrian Wilkinson

Managing Yopatriates: A Longitudinal Study of Generation Y Expatriates 
in an Indian Multi-national Corporation 
Original Research Article
/Pages 151-165/
Vijay Pereira, Ashish Malik, Liza Howe-Walsh, Surender Munjal, Manjusha 

Learning and Knowledge Transfer in Africa-China JVs: Interplay between 
Informalities, Culture, and Social Capital 
Original Research Article
/Pages 166-179/
Abdoulkadre Ado, Zhan Su, Roseline Wanjiru

South African MNCs' HRM Systems and Practices at the Subsidiary Level: 
Insights From Subsidiaries in Ghana 
Original Research Article
/Pages 180-193/
Kweku Adams, Richard B. Nyuur, Florence Y.A. Ellis, Yaw A. Debrah

The Transfer of ‘International Best Practice’ in a Brazilian MNC: A 
Consideration of the Convergence and Contingency Perspectives 
Original Research Article
/Pages 194-207/
John Geary, Roberta Aguzzoli, Jorge Lengler

International HRM in South African multinational companies 
Original Research Article
/Pages 208-222/
Frank Horwitz

*  Book Review*

Organizational Identity and Firm Growth: Properties of Growth, 
Contextual Identities and Micro-Level Processes, Christoph Dörrenbacher, 
Matthias Tomenendal, Sarah Stanske(Eds.). Palgrave Macmillan, (2016), 
ISBN: 978-1-137-57723-8 

/Pages 223-225/
Anna Scheer

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