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Does anybody have suggestions for a US academic seeking a low-cost location to spend a Sabbatical semester, maybe the entire academic year (Sep. 2017 – May 2018), preferably in Europe? From contacting multiple colleagues (some of them actually preparing their Sabbatical for 2018-19), I have learned that:



A few weeks ago, I was under the impression that teaching one class for an institution in Europe (for a US citizen) was not impossible (a dear colleague was working to make it happen), but early this month, we found the opposite. Two more US colleagues seem to be in the same (or very similar) boat, with different countries, but all destinations within the EU. I might be overgeneralizing, of course, which is one reason I decided to send this email.


I feel confident that my competencies can be utilized for the benefit of colleagues and students in a host location. My teaching portfolio is quite diverse, and my research agenda quite active (International HRM / OB). The larger problem is that my university’s Sabbatical program offers only half-pay for professors with less than 14 years of work (like myself).


If you have recently taken a Sabbatical and dealt successfully with these pressures, I would very much appreciate your advice; please email me directly ([log in to unmask]) and I will summarize in a few weeks. As I stated above, some colleagues I have contacted are in the planning stage of their Sabbatical for 2018, so, your suggestions may be useful to even more colleagues.


Thanks in advance!


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