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Volume 26, Issue 3, Pages 405-604, June 2017

International Business Review
Volume 26, Issue 3, Pages 405-604, June 2017




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Multinationality, R&D and productivity: Evidence from the top R&D investors worldwide    Original Research Article
Pages 405-416
Davide Castellani, Sandro Montresor, Torben Schubert, Antonio Vezzani


An international examination of the economic effectiveness of banking recapitalization    Original Research Article
Pages 417-434
Suleiman Tahir, Emmanuel Adegbite, Yilmaz Guney


Offshoring, local market entry, and the strategic context of cross-border alliances: The impact on the governance mode    Original Research Article
Pages 435-447
Gabriella Lojacono, Nicola Misani, Stephen Tallman


Born Globals—Is there fire behind the smoke?    Original Research Article
Pages 448-460
Eliane Choquette, Morten Rask, Davide Sala, Philipp Schröder


Stock payment and the effects of institutional and cultural differences: A study of shareholder value creation in cross-border M&As    Original Research Article
Pages 461-475
Hyejin Cho, He Soung Ahn


Monetary uncertainty and trade in Eastern Europe and Central Asia: A firm-level analysis    Original Research Article
Pages 476-490
Inmaculada Martínez-Zarzoso, Florian Johannsen


An integrated perspective of social exchange theory and transaction cost approach on the antecedents of trust in international joint ventures    Original Research Article
Pages 491-501
Saba Khalid, Tahir Ali


Enhancing national innovative capacity: The impact of high-tech international trade and inward foreign direct investment    Original Research Article
Pages 502-514
Jie Wu, Zhenzhong Ma, Shuaihe Zhuo


The delicate balance: Managing technology adoption and creation in multinational affiliates in an emerging economy    Original Research Article
Pages 515-526
Xiaming Liu, Pekka Vahtera, Chengang Wang, Jue Wang, Yingqi Wei


Marketing capabilities, positional advantage, and performance of born global firms: Contingent effect of ambidextrous innovation    Original Research Article
Pages 527-543
Silvia L. Martin, Rajshekhar G. Javalgi, Erin Cavusgil


Local conditions, entry timing, and foreign subsidiary performance    Original Research Article
Pages 544-554
Chia-Wen Hsu, Homin Chen, D’Arcy Caskey


How do sub-national institutional constraints impact foreign firm performance?    Original Research Article
Pages 555-565
Xiaoying Li, Laixiang Sun


Antecedents and consequences of liking in retail service relationships in China and Greece    Original Research Article
Pages 566-578
Ibrahim Abosag, Thomas L. Baker, Kristina Lindsey Hall, Aliki-Dimitra Voulgari, Xiaoyuan Zheng


Highly skilled returnees and the internationalization of EMNEs: Firm level evidence from China    Original Research Article
Pages 579-591
Xialoan Fu, Jun Hou, Marco Sanfilippo


Can outnumbered negotiators succeed? The case of intercultural business negotiations    Original Research Article
Pages 592-603
Elena Dinkevych, Robert Wilken, Tayfun Aykac, Frank Jacob, Nathalie Prime


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