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From Professor Michael Czinkota

Scholars typically spend their summers at interesting and learn-worthy
organizations. For my summer this year such destination will be the
University of Kent in Canterbury, UK. There I will participate in
several events. I will be help coordinate a university-wide
international business seminar: Global Business in a Dynamic
Environment. In addition, I will be chairing the scientific council of
the 1st International Doctoral Conference “Socializing Business
Research: Connecting and Advancing Knowledge” at Kent Business School.

The Global Business in a Dynamic Environment course provides a
comprehensive and up-to-date overview of international business and
the institutions involved in the process. Although there is an
underlying universality to the basic principles of business
administration, it is in the application of these principles that
people in international business encounter unique problems. Theory
will be emphasized for a normative understanding; practical aspects
are designed to show the relation of theory to practice. We will teach
each other and learn from each other by the use of analogies,
parables, and examples – which will help us understand and remember,
which, in an era of the British Exit from the European Union has taken
on major significance.
For more information about the summer course, pls visit:

Research socialization will take place within the interdisciplinary
business context, where PhD students across all years of study will be
exposed to a wide range of business research topics, developing an
appreciation for different perspectives, methods and theories. Formal
and informal events will provide opportunities to network with fellow
PhDs, academics and industry professionals. Professional Development
Workshops (both field-specific and generic on research skills) will
provide a great opportunity to learn more about publishing and
research methodologies within fields of study.
For more information about the conference, plls visit:

I encourage interested students and scholars to attend those events.
It will allow to make lasting connections with students from around
the world, studying a range of subjects but sharing personal
enthusiasm. Guided by leading professors from around the world such as
a large team from the University of Kent, Mark Casson England,
Johannes Harl, Germany, Thomas Cooke, Michael Czinkota, Gary Knight
and Charles Skuba of the United States, will enable participants to
gain a deeper understanding of other cultures, make lifelong friends
from a wide variety of backgrounds and benefit from globally-renowned
academic excellence. Stay tuned for more information!

So that’s my summer. How about yours? If you want to join me and a
group of distinguished colleagues please contact Ms. Ireene Leoncio at
[log in to unmask] to sign up for the course/seminar or request more
detailed information about the summer events.

See more at:

Prof. Michael R. Czinkota
McDonough School of Business
Georgetown University
402 Hariri Building
Washington DC 20057

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Tel.  202 687 4204
Cell  202 253 3566
FAX 202 687 4031

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