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The following article raises questions about the reproducibility and credibility of research in IB and related fields. Our intention is NOT to point fingers or assign blame. Rather, we are asking questions, and offer our modest proposals, that we think are important and necessary for the future of our field.


·       Aguinis, H., Cascio, W. F., & Ramani, R. S. in press. Science’s reproducibility and replicability crisis: International business is not immune. Journal of International Business Studies. doi: 10.1057/s41267-017-0081-0


The article is available at and the Abstract is below. We look forward to a fruitful conversation regarding these important issues!

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Herman Aguinis, Ph.D.

Avram Tucker Distinguished Scholar and Professor of Management

George Washington University School of Business

2201 G Street, NW

Washington, DC 20052




International business is not immune to science’s reproducibility and replicability crisis. We argue that this crisis is not entirely surprising given methodological practices that enhance systematic capitalization on chance. This occurs when researchers search for a maximally predictive statistical model based on a particular dataset and engage in several trial-and-error steps that are rarely disclosed in published articles. We describe systematic capitalization on chance, distinguish it from unsystematic capitalization on chance, address five common practices that capitalize on chance, and offer actionable strategies to minimize the capitalization on chance and improve the reproducibility and replicability of future IB research.

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