Dear colleagues,


Here is an interesting opportunity for talented individuals from your schools who want to embakr on a research career. Three departments at Copenhagen Business School (Business and Politics, International Economics and Management, and Strategic Management and Globalization) are jointly starting a new multidisciplinary PhD cohort on “Multinational corporations in the age of anti-globalization”. Compared to the 1980s, where MNCs flourished due to the neo-liberal turn that embraced globalization, and which did bring dynamism, wealth and leadership practices across the globe, the 2010s are characterized by increased skepticism towards globalization. This skepticism arises from increased inequality, but also technological innovation, whereby blue-collar workers are increasingly becoming redundant. It has for instance expressed itself in the populist revolt that underpinned the 2016 US presidential election and Brexit and it seems that the neoliberal order is now being reconfigured, with a greater focus on nationalism and national interests. There is also an increased focus on the behavior and strategies of MNCs. These issues are being addressed by governments, the EU and international organizations (IOs) such as the UN.  Thus, the aim of this PhD cohort is on the one hand, to focus on the current global challenges MNCs face, which types of strategies they adopt in response, and in what way they organize their activities, and on the other hand what the responses of IOs and governments are and what these response imply for the strategies of MNCs. Academic research on this question can generate new insights into the relationship between firm-level decision-making by MNCs, in relation to international organizations, the EU and governments and the increasingly anti-global environment they all operate in. We are advertising seven positions as part of the PhD cohort on ‘‘Multinational corporations (MNCs) in the age of anti-globalization”.


Below is a list of the seven positions. Links to all of these positions, with details on how to apply are available here: For queries please use the contact information stated for each of these positions, rather than contacting the sender of this e-mail. We note there is a need to submit a topic specific five page proposal with the application. There is a hard deadline of June 1st, 2017. After this date we will shortlist a small number of applications for each position for full consideration. The proposed starting date is September 1st, 2017.

1.      New forms of orchestration and organizing innovation in global value chains of MNCs.

2.      Politics and Policies of De-Globalization.

3.      The Possibilities and Limits of Corporate Responsibility: Corporate Power, Authority and Legitimacy in an Era of Anti-Globalization.

4.      International Business broadly.

5.      Local governments, global talent, and multinational firms: Winners and losers in the international competition for foreign direct investments.

6.      What Stays When Multinationals Leave? Resilience and Recovery Following the Closure of Subsidiaries of Multinational Corporations.

7.      Unconventional talent strategies in MNCs.


Kind regards,

Caroline de la Porte, Jens Gammelgaard, & Michael Mol (heads of department)


Dr. Michael J. Mol

Professor of Strategic and International Management

Head of Department

Department of Strategic Management and Globalization

Copenhagen Business School

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