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Volume 13, issue 2

A critical perspective on the measurement of performance in the empirical multinationality and performance literature
Nicole Franziska Richter, Robert Schmidt, Tina Jessica Ladwig, and Fabian Wulhorst
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (390 KB)

Mexico City street vendors and the stickiness of institutional contexts
Farzad H. Alvi and Jorge Alberto Mendoza
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (167 KB)

Signs of dystopia and demoralization in global academia
Mike Geppert and Graham Hollinshead
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (154 KB)

Corporate responses to stakeholder activism: partnerships and surveillance
Julie Uldam and Hans Krause Hansen
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (174 KB)

Trapped in a vicious circle: can low-weight subsidiaries get headquarters’ attention?
Hammad ul Haq
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (188 KB)

Micropolitics in the Multinational Corporation: Foundations, Applications and New Directions
Anna Schneider
Citation | Full Text | PDF (53 KB)

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