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We still have some room for interested participants in the 18th Annual International Agroecology Shortcourse, which we are once again hosting at the University of Vermont. This year’s theme is “Pathways to Resilience: An agroecological approach”.  Join international participants and instructors with a diversity of backgrounds and expertise to explore agroecology, from foundational theory to new frontiers in the field.  This informative and inspirational course has been running for decades, and provides an innovative space to learn, share and network for anyone involved or interested in the field of agroecology, as a science, practice and social movement. The course is hosted by the Agroecology and Livelihoods Collaborative (ALC) 2 at the University of Vermont, in partnership with the Community Agroecology Network (CAN). There are two options to take the course:


1.       Non-credit training course: A 10 day face to face experience at the University of Vermont. Fees are $2,100 (developed country) and $1,800 (developing country), all included (tuition, accommodations, meals and materials). This does not cover travel costs. Dates: July 31-August 10.

2.       A UVM 4-credit graduate/upper division summer course1. For this year only, the course can be used as the first required course of our new Certificate of Graduate Study in Agroecology2. Dates: July 17-30 online; July 31-August 10, face to face at the University of Vermont. For more information on registration for credit click here.


1 Course for seniors or graduate students only

Formerly the Agroecology and Rural Livelihoods Group (ARLG)



·       Fees presented above have been finalized.

·       We can now confirm our 3 Vermont farm partners: Bread and Butter Farm, The Farm Between and Digger’s Mirth Collective. For more information on the farms, go here.

·       For a preliminary schedule of the non-credit training course go here.

·       For a preliminary syllabus of the for credit course go here.



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