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Food Tank Highlights Young Leaders
in the Food System
At Food Tank, we are constantly amazed by the variety of ideas, initiatives, businesses, and research put forth by talented individuals making waves in the food and agriculture sectors. They come from varying backgrounds, regions, and perspectives, and represent a wide range of ages.

To highlight the work of some of the younger leaders out there, Food Tank compiled a list of 20 emerging and established changemakers under 40 years old. These people are already shaping the future of our global and local food systems.

Spotlighted leaders include (in alphabetical order by name):

Christopher Bradshaw, Dreaming Out Loud; Rueben Canedo, UC Global Food Initiative; Chris Castro, IDEAS for US and Fleet Farming; Elhadj Diallo, Dare to Innovate; Emily Dowding-Smith, New Zealand's Sustainable Business Network; Severine Von Tscharner Fleming, The GreenHorns and Farm Hack; Samir Goel and Hanna Dehradunwala, Transfernation; Danielle Gould, Food + Tech Connect; Erica Hellen, Evan Lutz, Hungry Harvest; Free Union Grass Farm; Aviva Paley, Kitchens for Good; Esther Park, Los Angeles Food Policy Council; Samuel Rigu, Safi Organics; Simran Sethi, Food First!; Lindsey Lusher Shute, National Young Farmers Coalition; Michal Siewierski, Food Choices; Jarrett Stein, Rebel Ventures; Lauren Tucker, Kiss the Ground; Shi Yan, Little Donkey Farm; Tyler Youngblood, Azahar.

Click here to read about Food Tank's list of young, yet impactful food leaders.

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The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) launched the Family Farming Knowledge Platform (FFKP), an online database of policies, laws, and regulations related to family farming around the world.
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The order establishes an interagency task force aimed at identifying and eliminating unnecessary regulation in the agriculture sector.
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One hundred and eight million people worldwide faced food insecurity at crisis level or worse in 2016, compared with eighty million in 2015.
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Advertising Junk Food To Aussie Children: Nothing's Changed in Five Years
A recent study has revealed that Australian children are exposed to the same number of unhealthy food and drink advertisements as they were five years ago.
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"There Will Come a Day" is a music video about the fate of planet Earth, sung from the perspective of mother nature herself.
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