As spring is really upon us and you are taking account of your work and assistance I would like to offer a “last call for hired help and interns”.   Im offering you with the opportunity to list any paid jobs, or ag and ag business experience based internships, or farm land available.  Please send me a 100 word or less job description or link to the description that is on your website or job board. The land description should include past use of the land, size, asking price that includes a contact for further information.


Please note, Im not able to handle these inquires, I will promote your offer on the listserv as a special stand-alone edition.


Please send them to my by 8 am on Sunday morning, April 30th. The edition will go out Sunday evening., April 30th.


I hope this may help you to meet your needs in organic and sustainable farming in Michigan!



All the best


Vicki Morrone



Vicki Morrone

480 Wilson Rd Rm 303

East Lansing, MI 48824

517-282-3557 (cell)

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