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We are delighted to communicate the release of eBook, hard copy, and web portal versions of Voices From Subsistence Marketplaces. This book follows up on Subsistence Marketplaces and Bottom-Up Enterprise: Insights from Subsistence Marketplaceswhich focused on understanding and designing solutions for subsistence marketplaces, and on bottom-up innovation, management, and leadership, respectively. 

Voices From Subsistence Marketplaces was created with the idea of bringing out the lives and stories of those we’ve met while working in various parts of the world. In a sense, our research has been about listening to voices previously unheard. Through our interactions, we have been fortunate to meet  hundreds of low-income individuals who have generously shared their lives and experiences with us.

Voices From Subsistence Marketplaces has taken four years of repeated interactions and visits to complete. This first endeavor is based in urban and rural India and we are now working on a similar initiative based in Africa, envisioning Voices from Latin America and other parts of the world over time. We hope these stories enable an immersive experience into the lives we have met and the voices we have heard in our journey.

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