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Volume 15, issue 1


Acquisition negotiation: the influence of accounting on trust development<>
Hannu Puhakka
Abstract<> | Full Text<> | PDF<> (159 KB)

Transferring acquisition knowledge – sources, directions and outcomes<>
Christina Öberg
Abstract<> | Full Text<> | PDF<> (166 KB)

The successful takeover of La Sexta by Antena 3: pre- and post-merger factors<>
Ana M. Romero-Martínez and María Concepción García-Gómez
Abstract<> | Full Text<> | PDF<> (301 KB)

Internationalization of firms: revitalizing the board of directors after a cross-border acquisition<>
Vincenzo Pisano, Rosario Faraci, Francesca Cabiddu, and Pasquale Massimo Picone
Abstract<> | Full Text<> | PDF<> (230 KB)

A link between post-acquisition acculturation and project management maturity<>
Bruno de Oliveira Carvalho and Mario Henrique Ogasavara
Abstract<> | Full Text<> | PDF<> (335 KB)

Knowledge motives in the cross-border acquisitions<>
Gisele Mazon, Fernando Moreira-da-Silva, Manuel Portugal Ferreira, and Fernando Ribeiro Serra
Abstract<> | Full Text<> | PDF<> (455 KB)

Emerging multinationals investing in developed countries<>
Selena Aureli, Massimo Ciambotti, and Alessandro Dragoni
Abstract<> | Full Text<> | PDF<> (259 KB)

Guest editorial<>
En Xie and K.S. Reddy
Citation<> | Full Text<> | PDF<> (89 KB)

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