Allen Neighborhood Center offers two CSA Programs to Promote Access to

Healthy Foods for Lansing-area residents


LANSING, MI – April 7, 2017 – Allen Neighborhood Center (ANC) offers two unique Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs to promote access to healthy foods from local farms: the Hunter Park GardenHouse CSA and Veggie Box.

ANC’s two CSA programs are a subscription service to local farm produce, which include sustainably grown vegetables, fruit, and optional add-on shares of locally-produced meats, bread, eggs, cheese, coffee, dry beans, and sweet treats. Each week of the CSA season, members receive a box of delicious, seasonal, local food. The Hunter Park GardenHouse CSA produce is all grown in Hunter Park in Lansing’s Eastside. The Veggie Box produce is grown from a variety of small farms within 50 miles of Lansing.

CSA Seasons

The Hunter Park GardenHouse Summer CSA season runs for 16 weeks, June 7- September 20. The Summer Veggie Box season runs for 20 weeks, June 15- October 26.

Payment Options

Both CSA programs have flexible payment options including weekly with SNAP payments, installments, and lump sum. The Hunter Park GardenHouse CSA also includes a work-share option to further reduce the cost for folks who are income eligible.  

Delivery & Pick-Up Options

Veggie Box offers free delivery to workplaces where 5 or more Veggie Boxes are ordered and pick-up on Thursdays from 12-6pm at the Allen Market Place. The Hunter Park GardenHouse CSA offers pick-up on Wednesdays from 3:30-6pm inside the Allen Market Place during the Allen Farmers Market.


How to Enroll

Interested individuals and worksites can register for the two CSA programs online


“Individuals and families participating in CSA feel great not only from consuming healthy and nutritious foods throughout the season, they also take pride by putting their money where their mouth is, knowing that their dollars directly support small-scale farm businesses, sustainable growing practices, resilient communities, and innovative food systems.”- John McCarthy of Allen Neighborhood Center

For more information, contact Rita O’Brien at (517) 999-3910 or visit the Allen Neighborhood Center website:



Rita O'Brien
Allen Market Place Associate Director
& Hunter Park GardenHouse Director

Allen Neighborhood Center
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