My name is Brenna Lashbrook.  I work with the Center for Global Connections team on the 4th floor of Morrill Hall of Agriculture.


I am writing to follow up on a message that circulated earlier this month on “Six Ways for Soon-To-Be Graduates to Fund Their Innovative Ideas.”  We understand that with the close of the spring semester, you and your advisees are overwhelmed, so the Center for Global Connections would like to offer assistance to any individuals or teams interested in applying for one of these awards.  The earliest listed submission due date is May 16th, 2017.  However, there are several other opportunities with deadlines in June and July.  Most are application- or proposal-based, while one requires a nomination.


The attached article was included in a newsletter sent around by Food Tank, included in the email mentioned above, and details further the opportunities your students may want to take advantage of.


Please let me know if you have any particular ideas on who might be interested, and I will start to coordinate from there.  Thank you!




Brenna Lashbrook

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