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Here is the latest issue of Global Strategy Journal on Strategic Management in Africa coedited by Michael Mol, Christian Stadler and Africa Arino. We hope that you find the articles inspiring and useful for your research. 

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Global Strategy Journal

Special Issue: Strategic Management in Africa

Volume 7Issue 1

Issue edited by: Michael J. Mol, Christian Stadler, Africa Arino

Africa: The New Frontier for Global Strategy Scholars (pages 3–9)

Michael J. Mol, Christian Stadler and Africa Ariρo

Legitimacy Spillovers and Political Risk: The Case of FDI in the East African Community (pages 10–35)

Charles E. Stevens and Aloysius Newenham-Kahindi

Overcoming Human Capital Voids in Underdeveloped Countries (pages 36–57)

Stephanie L. Wang and Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra

Foreign Subsidiary Exit from Africa: The Effects of Investment Purpose Diversity and Orientation (pages 58–82)

Yamlaksira S. Getachew and Paul W. Beamish

Institutional Complementarity and Substitution as an Internationalization Strategy: The Emergence of an African Multinational Giant (pages 83–103)

John Luiz, Dustin Stringfellow and Anthea Jefthas

The Dynamic Response Process to Conflicting Institutional Demands in MNC Subsidiaries: An Inductive Study in the Sub-Saharan African E-Commerce Sector (pages 104–124)

Alison E. Holm, Benoit Decreton, Phillip C. Nell and Patricia Klopf

The Strategic Potential of Community-Based Hybrid Models: The Case of Global Business Services in Africa (pages 125–149)

Stephan Manning, Chacko G. Kannothra and Nichole K. Wissman-Weber


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Recent books: 

State-Owned Multinationals: Governments in Global Business. Palgrave (2017)

Emerging Market Multinationals: Managing Operational Challenges for Sustained International Growth. Cambridge University Press (2016)




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