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Industry policy is a long debated topic which has attracted wide policy and academic interest. The latest issue of the Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies has published two papers by Professors Justin Yifu Lin and Weiying Zhang on their different views concerning the role of industry policy and the drivers for long time economic growth. You may find it interesting.  





Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies


Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies, Volume 15, Issue 1




Jing Zhang & Jian Chen

Introduction to Chinas new normal economy


Justin Yifu Lin

Industrial policies for avoiding the middle-income trap: a new structural economics perspective


Weiying Zhang

Chinas future growth depends on innovation entrepreneurs


Yi Qu, Yingqi Wei, Tao Jiang & Nan Zheng

Linking R&D strategy, national innovation system and FDI to firm performance



Duan Liu, Shengyong Li, Hongbo He & Shujie Yao

Financial constraints and product market competition across business cycles: evidence from Chinas manufacturing industry


Wenjin Long, Simon Appleton & Lina Song

The impact of job contact networks on wages of ruralCurban migrants in China: a switching regression approach


Xiaolan Fu ()

Professor of Technology and International Development;    

Director, Technology & Management for Development Centre;   

ODID, University of Oxford



Editor in Chief, Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies



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