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Topics include:


--How demographic changes affect consumer and financial markets.

--International migration and its impact on high-tech industries.

--Geopolitical risks: Dictatorships and failed states.

--Imbalances in the global economy.

--The global crisis and the crisis in Europe.

--The rise of the emerging-market multinationals.

--Chinese investments in Africa.

--The impact of growing inequality.

--Women’s status in the global economy.

--The rise of the global middle-class of consumers.

--The high-net-worth elite and its consumption behavior.

--The transformative power of technology.

--Institutions and economic development.

--Global entrepreneurship.


--Sugarcane ethanol in Brazil.

--The trials and tribulations of the financial system.

--The global powers of the 21st century.

--The future of global currencies.

--Coping with uncertainty and complexity.






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