The Spring 2017 issue of Rutgers Business Review is now available at In this issue:


What Is at Stake in China-US Relations? An Estimate of Jobs and Money Involved in the Bilateral Economic Tie

Farok J. Contractor


The Six Faces of Value Co-creation: A Field Guide for Executives

Kumar Rakesh Ranjan and Stuart Read


When One Size Must Fit All: How a Large MNC Centralized Its Purchasing

Sudipa Sarker, Arash Azadegan, and Paolo Trucco


Front-of-Package Nutrition Labeling: Which Labels Benefit Consumers the Most and Why Do They Help?

Christopher L. Newman, Elizabeth Howlett, and Scot Burton


Quest for the Grail: Measuring the Incremental Influence of Promotions in a Digital Big Data World

Jim Sprigg


Government-Funded Basic Research: What’s in It for Firms?

Klaus Prettner and Katharina Werner


Reregulation of Business Data Services

Victor Glass and Timothy Tardiff


How to Learn From Failure. Organizational Creativity, Learning, Innovation and the Benefit of Failure

Riccardo Leoncini


Building Closer Economic Ties between China and Africa:  Small Traders Operating in China

Gido Mapunda, Xiaohui Wang, Tony O’Malley, John Benson, and Ying Zhu


The Sustainability Advantage: The Positive Effect of a Sustainability Orientation on Online Funding Success

Goran Calic


Understanding Religious Diversity in Management

Adam B. Cohen and Joseph E. Barbour


Management and Regulatory Focus: Three New Domains of Application

James F. M. Cornwell and E. Tory Higgins


Social Exclusion Stimulates Product and Brand Switching

Lei Su, Yuwei Jiang, Zhansheng Chen, and C. Nathan DeWall


The Rutgers Business School Payment Practices Index for the U.S. Retail Industry

Rudolf Leuschner and Sengun Yeniyurt