The Spring 2017 issue of Rutgers Business Review is now available at<>. In this issue:

What Is at Stake in China-US Relations? An Estimate of Jobs and Money Involved in the Bilateral Economic Tie<>

​Farok J. Contractor

The Six Faces of Value Co-creation: A Field Guide for Executives<>

​Kumar Rakesh Ranjan and Stuart Read

When One Size Must Fit All: How a Large MNC Centralized Its Purchasing<>

​Sudipa Sarker, Arash Azadegan, and Paolo Trucco

Front-of-Package Nutrition Labeling: Which Labels Benefit Consumers the Most and Why Do They Help?<>

Christopher L. Newman, Elizabeth Howlett, and Scot Burton

Quest for the Grail: Measuring the Incremental Influence of Promotions in a Digital Big Data World<>

Jim Sprigg

Government-Funded Basic Research: What’s in It for Firms?<>

​Klaus Prettner and Katharina Werner

Reregulation of Business Data Services<>

​Victor Glass and Timothy Tardiff

How to Learn From Failure. Organizational Creativity, Learning, Innovation and the Benefit of Failure<>

​Riccardo Leoncini

Building Closer Economic Ties between China and Africa:  Small Traders Operating in China<>

Gido Mapunda, Xiaohui Wang, Tony O’Malley, John Benson, and Ying Zhu

The Sustainability Advantage: The Positive Effect of a Sustainability Orientation on Online Funding Success<>

Goran Calic

Understanding Religious Diversity in Management<>

Adam B. Cohen and Joseph E. Barbour

Management and Regulatory Focus: Three New Domains of Application<>

James F. M. Cornwell and E. Tory Higgins

Social Exclusion Stimulates Product and Brand Switching<>

Lei Su, Yuwei Jiang, Zhansheng Chen, and C. Nathan DeWall

The Rutgers Business School Payment Practices Index for the U.S. Retail Industry<>

Rudolf Leuschner and Sengun Yeniyurt