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Volume 12, issue 1



Meta-analyses of culture’s consequences for acquisition performance
Daniel Rottig
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (672 KB)

The influence of culture on real earnings management
Angel Arturo Pacheco Paredes and Clark Wheatley
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (279 KB)

Institutional distances, resources and entry strategies
Wiboon Kittilaksanawong
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (247 KB)

An institutional view of the communication flows between relation-based and rule-based countries
Sandra Simas Graca, Patricia M. Doney, and James M. Barry
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (445 KB)

Superior economic performance in developed and developing countries
Sandra Ruiz, Paulo Arvate, and Wlamir Xavier
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (196 KB)

Internationalization and performance of Indian born globals
Manish B. Ganvir and Neeraj Dwivedi
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (409 KB)

Strategies and competitiveness for emerging countries
Segundo J. Castro-Gonzales, Maritza I. Espina, and Raquel M. Tinoco-Egas
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (229 KB)

Guest editorial
Anshu Saxena Arora and Nicole Hartley
Citation | Full Text | PDF (140 KB)


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