CARMA-AIB Research Methods Workshops

For the second year in a row, free CARMA-AIB Research Methods Workshops will
be offered as a pre-conference activity for the upcoming 2017 AIB Annual
Conference in Dubai. Offered as a partnership between the Consortium for the
Advancement of Research Methods and Analysis (CARMA) and the Research
Methods Special Interest Group of the AIB, these workshops are available to
those seeking education related to structural equation methods and
multi-level analysis. The two workshop instructors (Dr. Larry Williams, Dr.
Robert Vandenberg) are each former Editors of Organizational Research
Methods and recipients of the Research Methods Division of the Academy of
Management's Distinguished Career Award, as well as frequent CARMA Short
Course Instructors. Descriptions of the workshops and instructor biographies
are provided below.

These workshops have limited capacity. As such, pre-registration is required
to attend the free workshops. Registration links are available at 

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Workshop Descriptions & Instructor Biographies

Intermediate SEM: Model Evaluation

Date and Time: July 1, 2017 - 9:00am - 12:00pm

Description: This workshop is aimed at faculty and students with an
introductory understanding of structural equation methods who seek a better
understanding of the challenging process of making judgments about the
adequacy of their models. Those who attend should have some exposure to SEM
and experience in fitting structural equation models with software such as
LISREL, MPlus, EQS, or AMOS. Attendees will learn out to interpret and
report results from SEM analyses, and how to conduct model comparisons to
obtain information relevant to inferences about their models, as well as
advantages and disadvantages of different approaches to model evaluation.
The workshop will include (a) review of model specification and parameter
estimation, (b) overview of model evaluation, (c) logic and computations for
goodness-of-fit measures, (d) analysis of residuals and latent variables,
and (e) model comparison strategies.

Instructor Biography: Dr. Larry J. Williams (Donald and Shirley Clifton
Chair of Survey Science) joined the faculty of the University of
Nebraska-Lincoln in 2016. Prior to that he was Professor of Management at
University of North Dakota and Professor of Management/Dean's Research Chair
and Professor Psychology at Wayne State University. Dr. Williams served as
the Founding Editor of Organizational Research Methods (ORM), and he
previously served as Consulting Editor for the Research Methods and Analysis
section of the Journal of Management (1993-1996). Dr. Williams also has
served as Chairperson for the Research Methods Division (RMD) of the Academy
of Management. Professor Williams established in 1997 and currently serves
as Director of the Consortium for the Advancement of Research Methods and
Analysis (CARMA), an interdisciplinary center devoted to helping faculty and
students advance their knowledge of organizational and social science
research methods and data analysis techniques. In 2008, Professor Williams
was recognized as one of the 150 most-cited authors in the field of
management (1981-2004) in an article published in the Journal of Management.
He was elected a Fellow of the Society for Industrial Organizational
Psychology in 2010. Finally, in 2015 he received the Academy of Management's
Distinguished Educator Award.


An Introduction to Multi-level Analysis

Date and Time: July 1, 2017 - 2:00pm-5:00pm

Description: The objective of this workshop is to provide a review of
commonly undertaken practices in multilevel analyses. Given the limited
time, focus will be entirely on how to conduct the analyses using the Mplus
software package. Therefore, the primary focus is on how to conduct the
analyses rather than the conceptual basis as to why and when multilevel
analyses should be undertaken. We will start with the simplest multilevel
model, and build more and more complex ones using both mediation and
moderation hypotheses. With respect to mediation, participants will be shown
how to test the significance of the indirect effects and how to conduct
bootstrapping. We will repeat this process twice. The first time will use
observed variables only. The second time will use the same models, but
variables will be treated as latent variables within a structural equation
modeling framework. Participants will be given syntax, and a data file so
that they can either do the analyses in real time during the workshop, or
later in the quiet of their offices.

Instructor Biography: Dr. Robert (Bob) Vandenberg is the Robert O. Arnold
Professor of Business and Chair of the Department of Management in the Terry
College of Business at the University of Georgia. Bob's primary substantive
research focuses are on organizational commitment, and high involvement work
processes, and he teaches introductory research methods, introduction to
structural equation modeling, and advanced structural equation modeling His
methodological research stream includes measurement invariance, latent
growth modeling, and multilevel structural equation modeling. He has served
on the editorial boards of many top journals and is the former editor of
Organizational Research Methods. He is past division chair of the Research
Methods Division of the Academy of Management. In addition, he is a fellow
of the American Psychological Association, the Society for Industrial and
Organizational Psychology, and the Southern Management Association. Bob also
received the 2010 Distinguished Career Award from the Academy of
Management's Research Methods Division.

We hope you plan on attending one or more of our Workshops, and please share
this invitation with any of your colleagues who you think might be

Dr. Larry J. Williams CARMA Director 
Donald and Shirley Clifton Chair of Survey Science
Professor of Management
Director, SRAM and CARMA
University of Nebraska Lincoln
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