Dear Colleagues, I have prepared some FAQs in response to queries we have received about the upcoming the 2017 AIB-UKI /Reading Conference (6-8 April 2017)

I hope these will be useful to all those thirsting for greater knowledge about this event.

1.    “I have a paper accepted. How do I register?” Visit Please do so by March 1, if possible, as the conference rates rise on March 2.


2.    “I do not have a paper, but I want to come! How do I register? I hear Barack Obama is in the same position.”We have also heard the rumour that Former President Obama is planning to attend our conference (source: department of alternative facts, Both you and Mr Obama will need to Visit as soon as possible.


3.    “When should I register?”  The ‘early bird’ rate expires on March 1, make sure you move quickly! Visit


4.    “I heard that Jamie Oliver is catering the conference, and the food will be amazing. Is this true?” Well, we can say for certain that the dining experience will be unforgettable. We are also certain that our chefs have bought books written by Jamie, whose own restaurant is visible from the town hall (where we have our gala dinner). Whether Mr Oliver can be persuaded to personally cook for Obama (and you) depends upon whether Mr Obama registers before the deadline. We will be accepting registrations (subject to a late fee, even for Barack) up to 23 March.


5.    “Is it true that Peter Buckley and Mark Casson will receive the Dunning Lifetime Achievement Award?”  This is true! It will be absolutely amazing. The award will be made during the opening session on Thursday Evening (6th April), during the opening plenary. See the preliminary programme by clicking here.


6.    “Is it true that Beyoncé offered to sing a specially penned song  at the plenary about Peter and Mark’s stellar contributions to IB? (source: department of alternative facts)” Um, yes, this is true, but we said no, because we asked Alain Verbeke first. Alain is way cooler, in our opinion. But he will not sing, he has assured us, preferring to impress you with prose and oratory.


7.    “When does the conference start and end?” The conference begins on Thursday 6 April at 1700, and ends on Saturday 8 April at 1700.


8.    “Where is the conference being held? I am confused – Henley or Reading?” The conference is at the Reading Campus of the Henley Business School, NOT at the Henley campus. Reading is 40km west of London, and closest to Heathrow, if you are flying. For more details about how to get to Reading, and where to stay, click here. For accommodation details click here.


9.     “What a funny name. Does the University of Reading only have libraries? Do you get tenure based only on how many books they have read?” We forgive you for your ignorance. Reading was once the (reluctant) home of Oscar Wilde, apart from housing the John H. Dunning Centre for International Business.


10. “I think this will be the most amazing experience of my life, can I come and spend more time at Reading after the conference?” We welcome visitors from around the world, and we also run the Dunning Fellowship and the Rugman Fellowship programmes.

Rajneesh Narula
The John H. Dunning Chair of International Business
Henley Business School


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