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The WAIB Helping Hands Campaign provides $500 of scholarship money for AIB women Ph.D. students, and junior scholars from low-income countries, to attend the AIB Annual Meeting in June.


To qualify, scholarship applicants must: 1) be a full-time female faculty member from low-income country, or full-time female Ph.D. student, 2) be presenting an accepted paper at the upcoming AIB Annual Meeting this June, 3) be the first or second author of the paper you will present, 4) meet the low-income threshold as outlined in the application form below, and 5) be willing to volunteer support at WAIB conference events.


Scholarships will be awarded as a Visa gift card with $500 of spending, used like a regular credit card (e.g. to pay for hotel expenses at checkout). Recipients can pick up their scholarship money at the registration counter during the last two days of the conference.


Applications must be received by March 15, 2017.


Complete the application attached (either Word or pdf format is fine) in English, and e-mail to:    

Dr. Amanda Bullough | Assistant Professor of Management |

President of Women in the Academy of International Business
Alfred Lerner College of Business & Economics, University of Delaware
311 Lerner Hall | Newark, DE 19716

[log in to unmask] | T 302-831-1778 | F 302-831-4196

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