Deadline extended till 24th Feb based on requests from several scholars. Hence, posting this with the new deadline.

Dear Colleague,
Call for Papers for a fast track Special Issue of The International Trade Journal, Texas A & M International University 
SI Title: 
Reviews, New Frameworks, Models, and Theories  in International Business and and International Economics.   
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Guest Editor:    Prof. Justin Paul, University of Puerto Rico, San Juan, PR, USA   Email:  [log in to unmask]  

Journal Editor:    Prof. George Clarke, Texas A & M International University, Laredo, TX, USA 

The idea for this special issue and special conference track is to focus on new frameworks, new models, new measures, reviews with future research agenda and contributions for developing new theories, to avoid replicated studies as well as to encourage scholars to spend time to develop impactful papers. 

See the weblink on Texas A&M International University for details.
Context and the Importance of this SI

Globalization, the World Trade Organization and the emergence of countries such as China have brought about wide array of changes in the world economy (Agarwal & Wu, 2004; Paul, 2015; Paul, 2016). Despite decades of research, most of the studies in the areas of international economics and international business still use the same old frameworks, models and methods and researchers still carry out recycled and replete studies changing country and industry contexts. Hundreds of studies have been published using methods such as multiple regression and factor analysis.  Nevertheless, there are several research gaps in the areas of International trade, MNEs and foreign direct investment, emerging countries such as China and India, World Trade Organization, international business strategies, global competitiveness, small and medium scale industries, etc. 
Many researchers have repeatedly used theories such as five forces framework, institutional theory, gravity theory, internalization theory, transaction cost theory, OLI paradigm, resource‐based view, Uppsala as well as born global models in research dealing with internationalization of firm. Similarly, theories such as theory of planned behavior, Hofstede’s cultural components framework, and network theory are no longer robust  because of recycled and replete studies using them in different contexts. We need new models, theories and impactful propositions to avoid replicated research based on the same model or theory (Keupp & Gassman, 2009; Terjessen, Hessels &Lee, 2013: Meyer & Thaijongrak, 2013; Paul & Shrivastava, 2016; Paul, Parthasarathy & Gupta, 2017).   

Our goal is to publish a special issue focused on the New Frameworks, Models, Theories and Reviews for The International Trade Journal, based on the papers presented as part of a spacial track.  Therefore, if your paper is dealing with/if you are developing a new framework or theory or model or review paper with directions for future research, please send your paper to [log in to unmask] and cc to Guest Editor, Prof. Justin Paul at [log in to unmask] stating that you would be interested in the Special issue as well as for the special track of the conference to be hosted at the Texas A &M International university.

The idea is to host a special track on this topic in the broad areas of international business and international economics as part of the annual Western Hemispheric Trade Conference to be held at Texas A&M International University in April, 2017 and publish a special issue which is already agreed between the journal editor and the guest editor. 

Deadline: February 24, 2017 

Benefits for the Authors: 
1. Accelerated review and decision. Special issue is likely to be published in November, 2017.and you can expect online version before that. 
2. The International Trade journal has over 30 years of track record. Eminent and legendary experts such as Prof John Dunning have published in this journal. It has been ranked as 'B' in the Australian ABDC list and is expected to be part of the SSCI in the near future. This journal is part of journal lists of many countries which include CNRS-France, UK-ABS etc. 
3. Authors will get reviews from the conference organizers as well as from the special issue reviewers within a very short span.    
4. The International Trade Journal typically publishes articles online without delay after acceptance  


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