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17th International Conference on African Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development (ICAESB)
        10th -11th August, 2017
Theme: “Fostering Inclusive and Sustainable Industrialization: Prospects and Challenges”
Venue: University of Dar es Salaam Business School

The International Conference on African Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development (ICAESB) is an annual event of the University of Dar es Salaam Business School (UDBS). The conference provides a unique international forum and an opportunity for researchers, policy makers and business managers to exchange views, share experiences, and disseminate research findings and practical lessons in the areas of small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) and entrepreneurship development. The 17th ICAESB will be held from 10th to 11th, August 2017 at the University of Dar es Salaam Business School, Tanzania.

Diversification into both local and export markets with greater value added than traditional agricultural products remains a major objective for many low-income developing countries (Brenton and Hoppe, 2007). Value added products trigger the development of a wider spectrum of production links with many sectors, more elastic demand, less volatile prices, transfer of more production skills and better-paying jobs vital for modern economy. Academics and policy makers agree that SMEs, both young and old and the new businesses they establish play a critical role in realizing that effect (GEM, 2012). Thus, the growth of SMEs both in quality and quantity is in this regard inevitable. However, given the fast changing business environments and the corresponding stiff competition around the world, SMEs, particularly those in developing and least developed countries need to have appropriate strategies and tactics to enable them survive, grow and ultimately concur both domestic and global markets. The latter prompted the University of Dar es Salaam Business School to come up with the theme “Fostering Inclusive and Sustainable Industrialization: Prospects and Challenges” for its 17th ICAESB conference.  In beefing up this main conference theme, the organizers are calling for research papers related to the following sub-themes:

1.   Industrialization and Agrarian Transformation
•    Agribusiness and industrialization
•    Agricultural value chains and SMEs performance
•    Agri-food   supply   chain   models   in   developing economies
•    Value chain dynamics and upgrading
•    Smallholder challenges and opportunities

2.   Global supply chain for Industrialization
•	Humanitarian logistics
•    Transportation challenges for SMEs
•    Financing logistics
•    Development and challenges of logistics in emerging economies
•    Global Challenges in logistics

3.   Advocacy and Policy Dialogue for Industrialization
•    State business relations
•    Business associations and SMEs development
•    Public-Private Dialogue (PPD) for Policy reforms

4.   The financial Sector and SMEs growth
•	Financial markets and institutions
•	Financial management and financing SMEs
•	Capital markets, banking, and insurance
•	Corporate governance issues
•	Ethical finance: Islamic vs. conventional banking
•	Information technologies and e-finance/e-banking

5.   Role of ICT in Industrialization
•   Value addition of ICT to SMEs
•   E-business challenges for SMEs
•   E-procurement
•   Global e-networking

6.   Inclusive SMEs Growth 
•	Internationalization process
•	The role of preferential trade arrangements in industrialization 
•	Dynamics of African industrial consumer market
•	Cross-border performance of value added products
•	Adaptation of emerging market enterprises to new global norms 
•	Inward foreign direct investment and internationalization Growth strategies in Africa
•	Investment incentives in Africa: Intricate balance between local and foreign investors

7.   Cross cutting Issues
•	Environment and Climate Change
•	Gender
•	Youth and Employment
•	Training on entrepreneurship skills
•	Researching on and consulting for SMEs
•	Entrepreneurship 
Submission of abstracts and papers are invited from academia, policy makers, business people,   public   and   private   sector   organizations,   non-governmental   organizations,
development  partners  and  international  organizations.  Poster  presentations  are  also encouraged.

Important dates:
30th April 2017: Deadline for abstract submission.
30th May 2017: Notification of abstract acceptance
15th  June 2017: Deadline for full paper submission.

All correspondence should be addressed to:
ICAESB 2016 Coordinator, University of Dar es Salaam Business School, P.O. Box 35046, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
E-mail: [log in to unmask] ,
Fax: +255-22-2410510; Phone: +255-22-2410006. Mobile: +255-712-206 733
Electronic submission of abstracts and papers (via e-mail) is highly encouraged. Please observe the structure of abstracts and papers.

The registration fee for the conference is US$ 150 for participants. Students will however pay US $ 65. The fee covers organizational cost, conference documents lunch and refreshment for the 2 conference days. Participants will meet their travel and accommodation expenses.
You  may  communicate  with  the  conference  secretariat  for  advice  and  further  details
([log in to unmask]).

Payments may be done through the following bank:
Account number: 02J1088426600
Swift code: CORUTZTZ
Please send your bank receipts through [log in to unmask]

Conference participants may register online, through under ICAESB. Conference registration will be open from 1st July to 1st August, 2017. 
Submissions should be of high standard, unpublished, and suitable for scientific or professional publications. They can be theoretical or field research based papers as well as
practical/experiential papers based on individual, institutional or community experience. All submitted papers will be refereed to blind reviewers to uphold the high standards of the conference. Papers demonstrating high rigor, high theoretical and/or practical implications will be considered for publication in the Business Management Review (BMR) – the house journal of the University of Dar-es-Salaam Business School ( 

Abstracts should not exceed 200 words and should be organized as: Title, Context and Objectives, Methodology, Findings, Conclusion, Contribution, Key words. Please include not more than six (6) keywords related to your paper.

Papers are expected to have a uniform structure/format, Times New Roman (font 12), 1.5 line spacing, maximum of 15 pages including references, appendices, figures etc. Thus the contents are expected to rhyme with background that includes a theoretical context and objectives; methodology covering the way the study was designed and carried out; findings, discussion and conclusions.

Reference style:

Amakom, U. (2012). Manufactured exports in Sub-Saharan African economies:
Econometric   tests for the learning by exporting hypothesis. American International Journal of Contemporary Research, Vol.2 No. 4, pp. 195 – 206.

Brenton, P. and Hoppe, M. (2007). Clothing and export diversification: Still a route to growth     for low – income Countries? Policy Research Working Paper 4343, World Bank.

Chang, H-J. (2007). Institutional Change and Economic Development. United
Nations University Pres, and London: Anthem Press.

On preparing a final draft of the paper with possible publication in the BMR, observe the journal’s Authors’ Guidelines, obtainable from the School website,

The University of Dar es Salaam Business School is within the University of Dar es Salaam Main Campus which is about 30 km from the Julius Nyerere International Airport. Accommodation is available at different hotels around the campus as well as within the City. Hotel accommodation will be reserved at specific written requests to the Secretariat. View the hotel list and rates at their respective websites. Some hotels that are nearby include but are not limited to:

    Kebbys Hotel (Mwenge area)
	Blue Pearl Hotel (Ubungo) 

Conference chairperson: Dr. Ulingeta Mbamba
Deputy Chairperson: Dr.Esther Ishengoma
Coordinators: Dr. D. Jani & Dr. D. Rwehumbiza

Thanks and kind regards,

Deusdedit A. Rwehumbiza
Lecturer in International Business and Trade
Department of General Management 
University of Dar es Salaam Business School

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