Dear Colleagues,

How are you? I am Dr. Mark Munoz, a professor of Management and International Business at the Millikin University in Illinois. I was the editor of the book “Handbook on the Geopolitics of Business” (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2013).

I just got approval to co-edit a book titled “Business Strategy in the Artificial Intelligence Economy” with Business Expert Press. The project is being conducted with guidance from the American Institute of Artificial Intelligence.

The book aims to assemble leading scholars and experts from around the world to advance current thinking on the impact of artificial intelligence on business functions. Technological breakthroughs relating to artificial intelligence have redefined business operations worldwide. Autonomous machines, cognitive systems, conscious and intelligent agents will change the traditional perspectives of business. The enormity of change is redefining the structural dynamics of business strategy, economic theory, and management concepts. This book project will be the first edited book that fully examines how artificial intelligence is transforming the contemporary business strategy. The emphasis is not on reviewing existing technologies in the marketplace but instead on the expected changes in the underlying theories of business management.


This is a fairly short book with each chapter consisting only about 10-15 pages (about 3,500 words).


Potential chapter topics include:  

·         Artificial Intelligence and Corporate Strategy

·         Artificial Intelligence and Human Resources

·         Artificial Intelligence and Financial Management

·         Artificial Intelligence and Sales and Marketing

·         Artificial Intelligence and Production Management

·         Artificial Intelligence and Ethics

·         Artificial Intelligence, Logistics and Supply Chain Management

·         Artificial Intelligence and Corporate Leadership

·         Other related topics will be considered


Might you be interested in writing a chapter in this book project? Completion time would be about eight months from contract signing.

If this interests you, please send me the following by February 3, 2017: 1) proposed chapter title, 2) 3-sentence bio, and 3) 3-sentence abstract of your chapter.

I look forward to hearing from you, and hope we can work together in advancing the convergence of business and artificial intelligence.



Dr. J. Mark Munoz

Professor, Management and International Business

Tabor School of Business

Millikin University

Tel (217) 420-6762 ; (217) 433-1425

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