I apologize for cross-postings, but please consider submitting a proposal to this teaching conference.  The deadline is fast approaching, but do not let that deter you.  Please open the submission template to see the information required.  

Kerri Crowne Brannen, Ph.D.

Co-Editor, Current Empirical Research,
   Organization Management Journal
Associate Professor of Management

School of Business Administration

Widener University

One University Place

Chester, PA 19013

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OBTC 2017 Teaching Conference for Management Educators

June 14 – 17, 2017

Providence College, Providence, Rhode Island

Proposal deadline: Friday, January 13, 2017

Conference theme: Navigating the Changing Currents

Why Attend OBTC? View the Graphic at the Bottom for More Info About our All-Inclusive Conference Registration


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As educators we are faced with the many changing currents whether personal or professional.  Higher education presents a variety of challenges inside and outside of the classroom. In order to effectively develop our students we must navigate through these currents. OBTS the Society of Management Educators invites you to submit to the 2017 OBTC Teaching Conference in Providence, Rhode Island. We will continue our strong tradition of innovative and interactive dialogue on the vital ideas, issues, and challenges facing learners and educators. OBTC is a collaborative environment that facilitates learning, teaching, and creating meaningful experiences.
We invite participants to extend our tradition of being interactive and experiential.  We encourage proposal that address the changing currents of higher education. We welcome a wide variety of submissions, including, but not limited to, the following areas:
  • Developing effective classroom experiences for our students in the changing academic environment.
  • Providing unique ideas for utilizing the changing and evolving technology to enhance the learning experience.
  • Creating a forum for demonstrating effective tools to be utilized in navigating higher education
  • Generating dialogues on important topics related to the changing demands of higher education that need to be navigated.
  • Understanding how the role of the educator changes through his/her career and how best to navigate these changes.
Be creative and thoughtful about what “navigating the changing currents” means to you and how you can share your ideas with us.
Providence College is located in Rhode Island.  You will find it offers a unique, beautiful, and welcoming space for us to connect.
Sessions may be 30, 60, or 90 minutes long. We are a highly interactive and experiential conference and we encourage submissions that create a community learning experience. All submissions are blind reviewed.
Come navigate the changing currents June 2017 at Providence College!

Best Regards,

OBTS Teaching Society for Management Educators

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