Dear AIB Members,

Please find below details of a forthcoming issue of /Studia Oeconomica 
Posnaniensia/ on *Creating and managing value on international scale – 
CEE,markets’ perspective.

*_Extended abstract__:_*10.02.2017
Full paper: 31.03.2017

*The aim of the forthcoming issue  is to provide the answers to the 
following questions:

  * Does the process of creating, communicating, delivering and
    monetizing the value DIFFER in CEE countries from the respective
    processes in mature or emerging countries?
  * What are the grounds and consequences of these similarities/
  * How this process (the customer value creation, CVC, and customer
    value management - CVM) evolved in CEE countries? What lessons we
    can draw from these trends?
  * What are the forthcoming trends in customer value creation and
    management? Do they impact on CEE, mature and emerging markets with
    the same strength and consequences?

While answering these questions, papers can elaborate on one (or more)/ 
but not limited to/ the following topics:

  * the process of creating/ communicating/ delivering/ monetizing the
  * business models creation/ strategy
  * the role of Internet and digital media in CVC and CVM
  * consumer behavior; customer value perception (CVP), decision making
    processes, brand loyalty, purchasing patterns, price perception etc.
  * conceptual and measurement challenges in CVP and CVM and the
    consequences of particular conceptual and metric choices on both the
    results and managerial implications.

The articles in this volume should take either enterprise, managerial or 
customer perspective. Papers elaborating on cultural, institutional, 
economic, historic grounds/ facets etc. of CEE markets are welcome, but 
the perspective of the consumers or companies should dominate in these 
analysis. Both empirical and conceptual papers will be accepted.

Contact and submissions to:

Beata Stepien – [log in to unmask]
or Michal Staszkow – [log in to unmask]

Best regards,
Michal Staszkow

Poznan University of Economics and Business

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