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Volume 22, Issue 4, Pages 297-420, December 2016 
	Journal of International Management 

Volume 22, Issue 4, Pages 297-420, December 2016 

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*  Regular Articles*

Toward a Better Understanding of the Association Between Strategic 
Planning and Entrepreneurial Orientation — The Moderating Role of 
National Culture 
Original Research Article
/Pages 297-315/
Jan-Thomas Bachmann, Andreas Engelen, Christian Schwens

Imbalance and Isolation: How Team Configurations Affect Global Knowledge 
Original Research Article
/Pages 316-332/
Tina C. Ambos, Björn Ambos, Katharina J. Eich, Jonas Puck

Emerging Market MNEs: Qualitative Review and Theoretical Directions 
Original Research Article
/Pages 333-350/
Yadong Luo, Huan Zhang

The human factor: Investments in employee human capital, productivity, 
and SME internationalization 
Original Research Article
/Pages 351-364/
Jonas Onkelinx, Tatiana S. Manolova, Linda F. Edelman

Does Gender Matter in the Export Performance of International New 
Ventures? Mediation Effects of Firm-specific and Country-specific 
Original Research Article
/Pages 365-379/
In Hyeock Lee, Yongsun Paik, Ugur Uygur

Home Country Institutional Effects on the Multinationality–Performance 
Relationship: A Comparison Between Emerging and Developed Market 
Original Research Article
/Pages 380-402/
José-Mauricio G. Geleilate, Peter Magnusson, Ronaldo C. Parente, Marcelo 
J. Alvarado-Vargas

Legitimation Strategies for Clean Technology Entrepreneurs Facing 
Institutional Voids in Emerging Economies 
Original Research Article
/Pages 403-415/
Deborah E. de Lange

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