We need more LOCALLY produced and organic seed, you may consider this to expand your business plan for organic farming. Please join me on this webinar if you can.
Vicki Morrone
Organic Farm Specialist
Center for Regional Food Systems at MSU
Seed Contracting and Economics Webinar next week

Join us next Tuesday, November 15th, as we present the final webinar in the Organic Seed Production Six-Webinar Series!  This webinar will cover Seed Contracting and Economics. Organized by the Organic Seed Alliance and the Multinational Exchange for Sustainable Agriculture, this webinar is geared toward beginning farmers and anyone interested in learning about organic seed production. It's free and open to the public, and advance registration is required. If you've already registered for other webinars in this series, there is no need to re-register--you'll get an automatic reminder with a link to join. November 15 at 2PM Eastern Time, 1PM Central, 12PM Mountain, 11AM Pacific Time.

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About the Webinar

Good business relations and management skills are critical to the success of all seed operations whether selling direct market or wholesale. Seed for wholesale is normally grown under contract with a retail seed company that will then pack and sell seeds to farmers and gardeners. Success in wholesale contracts requires assessing the costs of production and rate of return as well as building a good relationship with the contracting seed company. Join this webinar to hear from seed company representatives and a seed grower about when and how to plan for contract production and how to assess profitability. Presenters will also share perspectives on the details to consider in a contract including terms for pricing, over-production, field roguing, and seed cleaning.

Speakers: Melanie Hernandez, High Mowing Organic Seeds; Ira Wallace, Southern Exposure Seed Exchange; Daniel Brisebois, Tourne-Sol Seed Cooperative;

Related Resources: A series of webinars on the economics of seed production from the 2016 Organic Seed Growers Conference are available on eOrganic. These webinars present advice and tools on assessing the economics of seed production from 3 different seed producing operations. We recommend watching these videos in advance of the Seed Contracting and Economics webinar to provide background on assessing pricing in wholesale contracts.

  *   Seed Economics: Sarah Kleeger, Adaptive Seeds<>
  *   Seed Economics: Daniel Brisebois, Tourne Sol Seeds<>
  *   Seed Economics: Steve Peters, Organic Seed Alliance and Seed Revolution Now<>

 Find recordings of all past webinars in the Organic Seed Production Webinar Series here<>, and on the eOrganic YouTube channel<>.

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