We are pleased to announce the imminent arrival of the Seventh Edition of ‘International Business’, in early December 2016 published by Pearson. This edition is a significant update of the sixth edition, written by Alan Rugman and Simon Collinson, published in 2012. 

New to this edition:

·         Rajneesh Narula has joined the project as co-author.

·         Three completely new chapters (Chapters 1-3) open the book. We have significantly restructured the book to place a much greater emphasis on: (1) technology and innovation, as key drivers of international competitiveness; (2) institutions as mediators and moderators of MNE (multinational enterprise) activities; (3) small and medium-sized enterprises as important global players, and; (4) how MNEs can be responsible businesses, taking a broader, more ethical stakeholder approach, rather than a narrowly profit-oriented shareholder approach.

·         Chapter 1 takes a more holistic view of globalization and the role of MNE activity, and pays attention to contemporary issues such as global value chains and emerging country MNEs.

·         Chapters 2 and 3 take in a broader view of theoretical perspectives and frameworks.

·         The book has over a 100 cases, including 21 brand new cases, including: ‘Worrying Times for Singapore’s SME’s’, ‘Greece: Third (Bailout) Time Lucky’, ‘the 2015 China financial crisis’, ‘Adidas: Promoting a Global Sports Brand’, the ‘Glass Ceiling’, ‘Nestle in Nigeria’, ‘Financial Transparency at Siemens’ and the ‘VW diesel dispute’. The majority of other cases have been significantly updated or completely re-written.

·         Every Chapter has been thoroughly updated, with new data, trends and references. A revised bibliography appears at the end of each in the ‘Further Reading’ section.

·         A new Instructor’s Manual and PowerPoint slides are also available.

·         A lovely new cover. Really.

·         The Seventh Edition of ‘International Business’ is dedicated to the memory of Alan Rugman.

Although Amazon.co.uk has priced the hardcover at ‘£1507’ I am happy to assure you that this is an error, and the book will be competitively priced!

For details on how to order an inspection copy visit:


ISBN-10: 1292064390 • ISBN-13: 9781292064390

To simply buy it immediately, all reputable bookshops (including Amazon) will fulfill this desire. Order now. A delightful Christmas gift, we think.

Rajneesh Narula
The John H. Dunning Chair of International Business
Henley Business School


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