Some of you may be interested in the following opportunities.  

- Julie

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Interested in environmental issues?  Interested in the intersection of environmental issues, politics and culture?  Interested in political, social and environmental issues in the Middle East, or in Israel in particular?  Then come to a summer study abroad in Israel information session on Thursday Nov. 10.   There will be two sessions:  the first at 7 in Case Hall, room 319L, and the second at 8:15-9:15 in Snyder C301.  BOTH sessions will cover the same material (so you only need to come to one).  In both sessions I (Professor Eric Aronoff) and my wife Professor Yael Aronoff, chair of Jewish Studies and an expert in Middle East politics, will talk about the two summer study abroad programs:
In the Nature, Culture, and Environmental Sustainability in a Green Israel Program (June 16-July 3), founded by Professor Michael Kaplowitz and led by me this summer,  students will visit and work in speciļ¬c projects engaging issues of environmental policy and natural resource management, and will examine the intersection of culture, politics and the environment. 
In the MSU Jewish Studies Summer Program at Hebrew University  (July 3- 27) students live and study in Jerusalem, and examine the complexities of Israeli politics, cultures and society by meeting with the relevant community members, politicians, and activists, and visiting key sites and institutions.  
Both programs are open to students of all majors and colleges.  There are lots of scholarships available:  $3,000 Levy Scholarships are readily available for those who have at least a 3.0 GPA. Those who participate in both programs are eligible for a $4,000 Levy Scholarship.
See attached flyer for the details.  Bring any friends or classmates you think might be interested, and family members who might have questions are welcome as well!
Let me know if you have questions, and hope to see you there,
Eric Aronoff