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Fourth Annual Program on the Influence of Culture in Business:  Laval University in Quebec City, Quebec – a World Heritage City – hosts an intensive summer program on culture for Executive MBA and advanced MBA students. Below is a link to the brochure with all the details.  If you have students interested in a truly intercultural experience, with students from other countries, dynamic company and cultural visits, and wonderful guest speakers, please share the link with them.  The class and all visits are in English, but there is ample opportunity to speak French for those who wish to do so.  For music lovers, the program coincides with the 50th annual Festival d’été – one of Canada’s largest music festivals: 300 shows – 10 venues  – 11 days of music.


Link to program brochure : http://sites.fsa.ulaval.ca/www4/scr/the-influence-of-culture-on-business.pdf





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